Club Toyota

More than a club, you're joining a community of Toyota owners and enthusiasts. Membership in that community truly has its benefits, like access to special offers, invites to exclusive contests, online features that enhance your ownership experience, convenient communication with Toyota Canada and more. Join us today!

Service Advantage

Registering with a VIN gives you access to an evolving suite of easy-to-use tools that help tailor Toyota's service experience to your exact needs and schedule.

Track Your Service History

No more need to search for service records. This simple feature displays the history of all services performed on your vehicle for as long as you own it, regardless of where the services are performed within the Toyota dealer network.

See Your Next Service

A customized maintenance menu at your service. Check your previous and next service according to the maintenance schedule. Review what's included in your next service based on your vehicle's mileage. Check out what Parts and Service Promotions are available.

Set Up Service Reminders

No need to remember when your service is due. Set up a service reminder through Club Toyota based on your vehicle's mileage. We can send you a timely email to remind you to book your next appointment.

Book a Service Appointment

Requesting a service appointment at your preferred dealer is easy! Simply let us know your desired appointment date and the details of your visit and your preferred dealer will be in touch to confirm the appointment.

Members First

All members enjoy access to an evolving world of social media updates, inside information and Toyota news and special promotions. Register with a VIN and you'll enjoy even more exclusive offers and functionality.

Save with Club Toyota Partners

Club Toyota members receive exclusive benefits through our partners. Right now you can save 20% when you stay at a Delta Hotels and Resorts and be first in line for Concerts with Live Nation.

Toyota Special Service Campaigns

Find details of Customer Satisfaction and Service Recall campaigns that are specific to your Toyota model and model year. Timely information at your fingertips. It's one more benefit of membership in the Club.

Manuals & Supplements

Owners' Manuals and Owner's Manual Supplements for your vehicle are available for your convenient access online through Club Toyota. Sign up and download a digital copy today.

Learn More About Your Toyota

Access details on new vehicles, sales promotions and accessories. Search for new and used vehicles throughout the Toyota network. Learn about Toyota's special Graduate and Mobility programs.

The Club Toyota Magazine Digital Edition

Enjoy interactive features like links to additional information and video clips and advanced search capability to easily access the exact article or information you need.

Money Matters

Registering with a VIN gives you access to tools, features and functions that can save you time and money. Here are just a few.

Tools for tracking payments, access to special offers and insight that will help you make the best choices when buying or selling your Toyota. It's all here. Simple. Thoughtful. Convenient. So, register now and start enjoying all of the benefits membership in Club Toyota can bring.

Access Your Loan or Lease Account

As an owner and member of the Club, you can easily access your current Toyota Financial Services loan or lease information, check your monthly lease or finance payments and balance owing, request payout information for your lease, and review your lease end options.

Selling a 1996 or Newer Toyota

Club Toyota can help. Access Service History, Loan or Lease accounts and more to provide your buyer with complete and accurate information! *Available for 1996 and newer model vehicles.

Check Your Coverage

Check the balance of your factory warranty, Extra Care Protection (ECP), and Roadside Assistance coverage with the click of a button, and make an informed decision on extending coverage.