Winter Tires

Why Winter Tires?

During the winter season, tires play a crucial role in the vehicles overall safety and performance.
Much too often, winter tires are portrayed as “snow tires.” The truth is, winter tires are not only designed to perform in snowy conditions, but to provide optimal performance in cold weather temperatures as well.
Winter tires provide vastly superior grip in cold temperatures, wet or snowy conditions particularly on icy surfaces. They are very important for safety during the colder Canadian months to help avoid Hydroplaning, understeering, sliding, or brake lock-up during quick/emergency maneuvers.

“My Vehicle is All-Wheel Drive, Do I Still Need Winter Tires?”

Valid question, with the power going to all 4 wheels, there is no question that All-Wheel Drive (or AWD) vehicles will handle inclement whether conditions and loose surfaces better than Rear or Front-Wheel Drive vehicles when equipped with the same tire compound. The fact is NO summer/all season tire will provide the same traction advantage as Winter Tires.
Rear Wheel Drive is notorious for having difficult driving characteristics in the winter, however the picture below displays the difference between a Rear Wheel Drive vehicle equipped with Winter Tires, and an AWD vehicle equipped with factory summer tires. Even with 2 less wheels providing power, the  RWD car takes off with no issue. The AWD summer tire equipped SUV has every mechanical advantage except Winter tires, and it struggles to get grip, sliding out of its lane before catching and taking off.sbfz3xhrfqzzzbf53g67

Two Tires or Four?

Since the winter tires will grip much better in slippery conditions, installing them on only two wheels will disrupt your vehicle’s handling. Toyota recommends that you install winter tires on all four wheels.

Walkerton Toyota is Your Tire Centre!

While many places sell winter tires, your Toyota dealer carries winter tires that are selected by Toyota Canada. These tires are recognized for their superior handling in winter conditions, reasonable price, and reliability.


Winter Tires