Tire Centre

Walkerton Toyota is also happy to offer you a wide range of tires for cars, SUVs and small trucks. We feature a wide-ranging choice of the finest brands, highly competitive pricing, and the expertise to help you choose the perfect products for your needs.


Why Walkerton Toyota?

With so many options in today's tire markets, it's hard to cover all avenues when it comes to choosing the right Winter Tires, as well as when to replace the tires you may already have. Walkerton Toyota puts your mind at peace with complimentary Tread Depth Measurements. It is also important to keep track of tire pressures, tire wear, and abnormalities in tread depths due to a variety of factors. All of these are part of our Multi-Point Inspection performed on every vehicle, every time your bring your vehicle in for a scheduled service.

We also offer seasonal storage as not everybody realizes how much space four tires can take up. With our locked storage you can be sure your investment is protected, and the utmost convenience is provided when it comes time to swap. With purchase of a set of 4 Winter Tires, Walkerton Toyota includes the first season of storage Free of charge.

Choosing tires that provide the best safety and value for your driving conditions is a big decision. At Walkerton Toyota, our Service Advisors are trained to advise the correct tires for your vehicle based on your average annual kilometres driven, and how often you drive in rough conditions: rain, snow, dirt or gravel roads, busy highways, and crowded city streets. Walkerton Toyota is your Tire Centre and the best source for the correct tires -Summer, All-Season, and Winter- for your vehicle.