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You can trust Toyota Motor Oils and Filters to help protect your engine and keep it running at its best.


Toyota Genuine Motor Oil

Specially formulated and engineered for your vehicle, Toyota Genuine Motor Oil helps to protect your engine from energy loss, heat and wearing between contact surfaces that are caused by friction and high temperatures within your engine.Also comes in two types, mineral and synthetic. Talk to your dealer about which type is right for your Toyota.


Toyota Genuine Synthetic Motor Oil

You can trust Toyota Genuine Synthetic Motor Oil to help protect your engine and keep it running at its best. It is engineered specifically for your Toyota’s engine, and blended with synthetic components that provide higher purity and quality than conventional oils.

Toyota Genuine Oil Filters

As engine oil circulates through your engine, the Toyota Genuine oil filter helps remove harmful particles which can damage the engine and helps to protect your engine and help to prolong its life.


Toyota Genuine Air Filters

A clogged filter starves your engine for air, reducing fuel economy and increasing emissions. Toyota Genuine Engine Air Filters have been engineered specifically for your Toyota, lessening the chance of air leaks that can cause engine wear and tear.


Toyota Genuine Cabin Filters

Cabin Air Filters capture unwanted particles such as pollen, dust and other pollutants before they enter your vehicle’s compartment. They are made from high-quality fibres and incorporate advanced technology to improve the air you breathe and keep the HVAC system at its optimum efficiency.


Toyota Premium Charcoal Filter

Offers the same benefits as the standard cabin air filter with an additional layer of activated carbon that absorbs unpleasant odours.



Toyota Engine Oil System Cleaner

Helps eliminate oil sludge, carbon deposits and varnishes. Protects the engine’s components and helps improve the lubrication system. Helps restore engine compression.